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Silas Marner the Musical 

Based on the novel of the same name by George Eliot - the piece is set in the late 17th Century. A true classic in every sense of the word. It tells the extraordinary story of a weaver named Silas Marner. The story is uplifting and inspiring and most importantly highly entertaining.


The project is available for use by theatre production companies by arrangement. A full main theatre script production for full cast and a second studio theatre smaller script for smaller casts and a production song CD is available on request (this also includes a Project DVD of the live theatrical Showcase) Comparing very favourably to "Les Miserables" in terms of costume, content and style this production can be mounted in small and large venues. Perfect for smaller commercial and amateur companies working to a budget.


Svengali the Musical 

Another small theatre gem, this time with a contemporary feel. Svengali follows the rise and fall of a young pop star. Drawing stark comparisons with X Factor and Britain's Got Talent type shows we follow a young girl as she enters the music industry. Using contemporary music as its sound template the audience are taken on a journey with her as witnesses to the darker side of the modern music industry that she encounters.

The musicals strapline is ' How far would you go for fame?' A working script and CD demo are available on request. Again two versions of the script are available from the full cast main theatre version to the smaller cast studio theatre concept.


Storm Books an online publishing platform

The Storm Books site services include hosting writer's works and biographies and includes an online shop facility enabling their works to be purchased instantly. Its mission statement is to give a professional and credible platform to a broad range of writing talents including, novelists, story smiths, poets and screenwriters.


General Works

FILM - Currently we are creating the Soundscape and title tracks for the Film Project ‘The Eleven O Clock Guy’. This British made film is a tragic love story with a wonderful twist. 


The project is going through its first funding process - principal photography is expected late 2016. We have already provided Film Title Soundtrack songs for 3 other Green lit UK/US projects. 


Please see our Soundcloud for tracks from the projects.


ADVERTISING - We are engaged in creating music and songs for various Advertising based projects including a European Cancer Organisation and a UK based Charity.


SONG WRITING - As a song writing house we regularly provide material and demo material for emerging/new artists. In addition we are delivering tunes and songs to a new Virtual Reality project set to launch in 2017.